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Thomas Hurley
Username: Thurley
Male, 50 years old
San Luis Obispo
Twitter: ThomasPHurley
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  • Thu, Sep 20 2012
  • I am looking for a individual or company to aid me in my development of new software and smart phone app for my company's new division in Home Inspection Services. Please contact me at 805-835-6169
  • Thu, Jun 21 2012
  • Thomas Hurley to Kim Mistretta  |   12:40 AM
    ~kimmistr44 Yes it is, he is starting his freshman year and is very goal oriented. He just started practicing this week on the SLOHS Waterpolo Team and was bumped up to varsity on his first day of practice. Yes I am a proud father.
  • Wed, Jun 20 2012
  • Kim Mistretta to Thomas Hurley  |   11:08 PM
    Hi,Tom- thanks. Wow, your son sounds amazing! Is that SLO HS? Yes, they've got a great robotics program, leader (Jan Fetcho), and a few other very enthusiastic parents (Stewart Morse). We start contacting the schools in late August, so we could probably use some help birddogging that all. But maybe where you could help out more is that we've always wanted to try to raise additional funds for the Robotic aaward program. In the last few years, SOftec has given out around $4,000 each year from its own "General Fund" for the robotics program, and have wanted to try to target local businesses to raise additional funds, so we could maybe give out $10K, $20K, whatever. But... just have never gotten very far with it.. :(( We should have lunch some time, so I can fill you in more on the program, and you could come up with your own ideas on how you might help. 781-2600, or Thanks for your interest!
  • Tue, Jun 19 2012
  • Kim, My son recently was approved for the High School Robotics Team and I wanted to find out more information and become involved in some way to support the group. My son is very gifted with anything electronic especially if it deals with computers or software. He intends on going to Cal Poly, MIT, or Cal Tech to get his engineering undergraduate degree then move on to the one he didn't attend from those three for his graduate degree. He already has a Tech Business that I encouraged him to start up and has done quite well since being launched. He even received a job offer from Tech Tegrity recently after they found his web site he built for himself. You can Visit it at: Would love to hear from you on this subject. Thanks Thomas Hurley
  • Fri, Apr 6 2012
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  • Mon, Apr 2 2012
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  • Sat, Mar 31 2012
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  • Mon, Mar 26 2012
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